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  1. SAFC vs. ECU Remap

    get a real computer, or a power fc.
  2. Who?s Who of NS-Victoria

    Name : Aleks Car : 1989 FC3S RX-7 mods : to many to list. hp: 320hp on 10psi. where : taylors lakes email : kantar01@iinet.net.au Pic :
  3. i havnt read anything but id just rather spend 7k on your SR and make the bottom end stronger and get a ecu , exhaust manifold,and tubo upgrade alon g with the forgies etc.. itd cost around the same and have less hassles.
  4. My RX-7

    FC3S When she landed. - Stickers now removed .
  5. Side SHOT!

    From the album My RX-7

    Side shot!
  6. Me washing the FC

    From the album My RX-7

    Here.. i look like im getting rammed but my back was sore
  7. RX-7 First day at my House.

    From the album My RX-7

    This is the car..... THE BEAST!

    Why bother using photobucket ? www.imageshack.com VERY VERY FAST AND EASY!
  9. Aus Spec S15 HI-FLow TURBO.

    Pod air filter Z32 80mm AFM FMIC 3" Turbo back exhaust 555cc or 740cc injectors Larger intank fuel pump ECU (apexi power FC) with your turbo should do the trick! With those mods you will be pushing atleast 220rwkw on 1bar... i garuntee this or ill shootmyself...(well your motor be be in good nick )
  10. Supra Vs Skyline

    go the VL!