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  1. 180sx Tail Light Poll

    id go 4 or 5.. id have to see them lit up though to make a better judgement.
  2. My 200SX New Photos

    very nice ride man
  3. last week when my dad brought his new holden the dealer told him to travel all thoughout the RPM Range.. heard differant from differant people.. confusing subject for me personally id probbly run it in hard lol
  4. normal filter or pod

    whats the advantages of running a pod with a fmic compared to a stock air box and intercooler setup? yeh i know its defectable in vic to have a pod and fmic but just curious..
  5. read and research my friend if in doubt just ask
  6. Who?s Who of NS-Victoria

    Name - Hasan Location - westmeadows // broadmeadows Car: Ask in a few months time when im 18 Passion: cars MSN: husky1987@gmail.com peace.
  7. high risk as in driving wise or because they are high theft risk?
  8. white neons, legal?

    in car neons are perfectly fine though right? any rules to when they can b on?
  9. Legal Advice

    i havn't seen this question asked, and i guess it is valid to ask it so i will what are the rules for mounting a licence plate on the front bar of a car? for example when a front mount intercooler is installed are you allowed to move the centered licence plate to another location? if so where are you allowed to move it? Cheers
  10. you never get your money back on mods man..
  11. Yellow Vertex S14a

    thats awsome man really clean ride
  12. twin turbo sr20det

    capslock stuck there buddy?
  13. that would be animated gif's look nice, i'll have a go at this later today
  14. Side Mount Intercoolers

    is it possible to use both or is there no point if you have a good front mount?
  15. BOV's...again! sorry.

    bro buy a plumback bov perfectly legal =)