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  1. WOW - What happened?

    Looking at search traffic from google, i'm hesitant to remove the other car forums as 20% of traffic is actually derived from posts in those forums... if anything again its' about getting people involved really as this as community site.
  2. WOW - What happened?

    Also cleaned up and merged the motorsports areas so that drift, drag and motorsports is one now, and removed some old forums Not sure if we should remove state based stuff for now... hopefully with the forum upgrade we can plan to get more life into the forums somehow,.
  3. WOW - What happened?

    OK... site will be going down some time in the next 1-2 days, and we are doing a full upgrade to the latest forums... ...i think these forums even include the chrome notifications ... which is awesome as it will give people a pop up on their PC when someone has replied to a topic... (even if they aren't on NS.com) I will also be doing a full reskin of the site to make it look rad...
  4. WOW - What happened?

    It is an RB25 Kemp. And my old SR20 PPG Box lasted years until we decided to open it and check it out and the person who put it back together didn't get the tolerances right.
  5. WOW - What happened?

    Ok Guys, Images should be restored. Oh, and Judas as for my car.... here are some pics of what it's like now.. Needs the gearbox taken out and stripped down as 2nd and 3rd dog ring are worn... but other than that the SR22 is going well
  6. WOW - What happened?

    ^ is it just me or did everyone else see cunts in the post above?
  7. WOW - What happened?

    Looking to hopefully lock in some time to upgrade the forums in the next month or two... As a community though, it's not up to me soley to bring life back to it, Hardtuned/NS was always a community and i'm looking for some guys that want to run with it and bring it back. Also looking for people to help crank the FB/ Instagram etc. as well, which will hopefully drive some traffic back to the forums also . Looking for input. Am thinking of stripping all moderators / admins and building a new team based on people that are active and wanting to contribute. Access will also be given to the Facebook & Instagram, because (As Johnny said) it is important that we crank the social media side as well
  8. Hey Guys, just a quick post to let everyone know some time over the next 2 weeks, we will be migrating the server to a new hosting platform which will hopefully be faster and more stable. I expect there will be 2-8 hours of downtime while this happens, as well as possible loss of posts / data within a 24hour window of it occurring. After the migration and testing phase, will hopefully be looking to roll out some upgrades including : - Focusing the forums back to nissansilvia.com - Full forum Upgrade - Full re-design of Nissansilvia & Hardtuned - Blog Integration inc. Blog development for all other "tuned" sites. -loz
  9. qld: haltech e8

    I have one, $400 pick up from Gold Coast if your keen. 0433249339
  10. Anyone up for a Sydney meet soon?

    If anyone is keen to start organising regular stuff down there message me. Am happy to help out with flyers / internet pushing events etc.
  11. Nup, that one is the same as the Ryobi. Needs to be the big one : https://sydneytools....rench-skin-only Just noticed you bought the Milwaukee though, geat quality gear, heard the turnaround time on repair/replace and customer service is a bit average, but you probably wont have any issues since it's a decent brand. As for AEG, we had some at my old work and we didn't find it to be that good hence the switch to makita for most of our stuff, but like everything everyone experiences are different .
  12. Depending on your budget : Ozito (LOL Jokes) > AEG (questionable build quality) > Ryobi > DeWalt > Makita > Hitachi > SnapOn Because i only use it maybe once every 2 months, and it's 90% for wheel nuts i went with the Ryobi since you don't want a massively torquey impact wrench for wheels unless it is adjustable.... That said i also have a Makita + AirTools for all the suspension + driveline stuff. The main reason we went Ryobi though is because of this little baby: For some reason Ryobi is the only brand that makes a battery powered tyre inflator... and it almost gets used as much as all the other cordless tools combined. IMO If i only had a choice of 1 wrench, i would probably get a Makita... ...Also brushless tech etc. etc. is all good but definitely not worth the bang for buck unless you are using your tools every day.
  13. will add it of the list of stuff we should make haha
  14. you mean like snap-on style throw over seat covers?