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    Uragay. Can't 5 star my own thread? This forum gave me cancer.
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    So if clockspring is removed the easiest place to find horn wire would be at that plug. The horn wire doesnt go to ecu just so you know. It goes to a relay under bonnet then to horn itself. Most boss kits have a wire in it for the horn but im guessing yours doesnt? In order for it to work you need to create an “earth” when you press horn button and join into the car side of clockspring plug let me know if more info needed
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    Thanks for all the replies hut I think it got a bit off topic with the VE heads. I've ended up getting my current SR20 built by Donny who many of you would know and I thought it wouod be the best option now after considering your replies. The main reason was that its a street registered cwr and I don't want it to get engineered as that would blow the budget. Secondly I know that this Sr20 is fresh and forged and will be able to handle track days with that power and should 'hopefully' be fine for a couple of years. Donny recommended this for the power im after: JE pistons Spool rods Acl race bearings Cometic head gasket Nissan oil pump Nissan water pump Nissan gasket kit BC valve springs BC cam gear and cams being dialed in. Block and head machined, tested, valve stem seals etc. Any input for the brand choice of pistons,rods and head gasket?
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    For same reason nissan australia were tight asses and only installed one brake light per tailight. Here's something to do if you're ultra bored. Get: 7443 light bulb 7443 T20 socket off ebay. You'll need the three wires type Search for "7443 socket" http://www.ebay.com....cat=0&_from=R40 Either drill out the ADM tailight or get a JDM tail light, which ever is easier. (top: ADM S15, bottom: JDM S15) Wire the socket up. Forget about matching the colours up. I tried it and it doesn't work. Just follow the pattern on the plug and match it Finish.