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About Me

I'm Jasmine. You don't know me;
You know of me.
You only live once, but if you live like me;
Once is enough.
I'm currently 19 years-old.
Life is better blonde.
I'm 170cms tall,
With legs to kill for ;]
I'm a perfect size 10.
I'm an upbeat & social Gemini.
I'm a teenage mother & I'm loving my life right now :]

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My little spunk :]

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He rocks my world.

I love & take great pride in my two cars :]
[MMMILF] The s13 Silvia & [GLD DIGR] The turbo laser
Live fast; die pretty.

I have the best group of girls :]
I love hitting the dance floor with these girls.
Don't play games with girls that can play them better.

I am feisty, highly strung, crazy & way too loud.
I'm a quite open & honest person.

I am very strong-willed, determined & highly sarcastic.

I'm extremely stubborn & outspoken.

Judge me; & I will prove you wrong.

I'm not immature; I just know how to have fun.

Some would say I am high maintenance;
I tend to agree with them.

I wear confidence like it's make-up.

I live with no shame & no regrets.

Hater's can only hate things that they can't have & the people they can't be.

If you have nothing nice to say;
Say nothing at all.

Men find me ruthless & girls find me intimidating;
But i would rather be hated for who i am, than loved for someone i'm not

Don't be surprised if I always get what I want :]

I tend to be very self centered,
highly conceited & full of myself.
When you're this beautiful; jealous haters come with the territory ;]

I am a hopeless flirt & total tease.

Try & play me like a bitch & I will play you like a fool.
Manipulate, is the name of my game.

I'm that bitch you all love to hate.

I'm definitely trouble with a capital 'T'.

I have a low bullshit tolerance.

I stand up for what I believe in,
Even if I stand alone.

Trust no man, fear no bitch.

Jealousy is a serious disease for some;
get well bitches.

I don't get mad, I get even.

I have made my mistakes;
But I don't make them twice.

I know who I am & I don't intend to change.

I have high expectations & priorities in my life.
I do not settle for second best.

You'll give up everything for the one's you truly love.

I'll let you love me, when you've really tried.

Everything happens for a reason.

Trying to see the good in everyone is always my fatal flaw.

I usually tend to expect too much from people;
& I give the wrong people the benefit of the doubt.

I believe that if god brings you to it, he'll bring you through it.

I don't believe in revenge;
Because karma's already a mega bitch.

Underestimate me; & you'll regret it.

So say what you will, because if you really didn't care you'd say it to my face.

My plan is to forgive & forget;
Forgive myself for being stupid & Forget you ever existed.

I cared too much before to ever give a f**k now.

So here's to the future;
because I'm done with the past.

Four words to explain life;
It f**king goes on.

PM me if you wanna chat.

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    Australia SA
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    Nissan Silvia
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    SR2ODET S13- Garrett 2871R Turbo, NISMO 550cc Injectors, Sard fuel pressure regulator, Bosch 044 Fuel pump, Hybrid Front mount intercooler, Greddy Oil cooler, Stainless Steel Low-Mount manifold, Z32 Air flow meter, HKS Mushroom pod, 3
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    Stay at home Mummy :]

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