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bodykits in melb?

NoSilvia's Photo NoSilvia 14 Feb 2012

hey guys
anyone know what happened to all the people selling bodykits went?
people arent advertising anymore or something?
i know that there not as popular anymore but still.....
i used to know a few now there all doing other things
anyone out there know of any people selling bodykits(s13)
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Johnie's Photo Johnie 14 Feb 2012

Theres a guy on ebay located in sunshine selling some

Im after a front bar for a r33 myself can't find any decent ones.

Jason12's Photo Jason12 29 Feb 2012

Im trying to find vertex skirts for an r32... nearly impossible. I guess i should refibreglass and sell the s13 vertex front bar i have if theres such a shortage lol

antonio's Photo antonio 01 Mar 2012

hah, body kits in Melbourne.. oh its been a few years since they were around :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Ill be moving towards the larger side of body kits hopefully in the next few months, but i can get practically anything for any make model as i have a monthly delivery so 1 off parts aren't to hard for me to do.

Just check out my site at http://www.2-UP.com.au for the current lineup anyway :)
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Jason12's Photo Jason12 01 Mar 2012

Just curious as how much vertex skirts for a 32 would be? Probably a bit expensive for me but worth a try.... PM me if you could.

Guest_-SR NRG-_* 02 Mar 2012

Deff ask 2 up what he can do first specially once he moves into the bigger gear, but I have used motorkitz in Clayton a fair bit for copies.
Price is ok for what they are, fairly descent copies