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Replacement Indicators for TJM bullbar? (...

Freddy Kruger's Photo Freddy Kruger 21 Sep 2011

Went to replace a blown globe and theyre all rusted in place. YAY!

Google and ebay arent showing much and the local wreckers want $60 for a pair out of an old N13. (since apparently TJM had a deal with Nissan to use their indicators?)

I have confirmed that N13 indicators do fit :thumbsup:

But is there any aftermarket options? a set of LED ones or clear lenses would be sweet.

atari4x4's Photo atari4x4 21 Sep 2011

hit up one of the U-pull it type self serve wreckers & rape a N13 pulsar.

SpotMan's Photo SpotMan 02 Oct 2011

Make up a custom plate and mount, Clearance light in them, 2x Amber and 1x White. heeps of people do this they look awesome.

Or theses off ebay,they have clear lenses, 48LED, scrap the strobe box and just wire them straight into the existing indicator wires

they are just a tad bigger then the hole itself, so with a little bit of grinding they would fit, just need to mod the mounting brackets.

SpotMan's Photo SpotMan 02 Oct 2011

you could always try and squirt wd40 into the globe holder and let it soak, then try and get them out using pointy nose pliers, have done this meany times Posted Image