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JDM Silvia S13 Production Numbers for all types, colour breakdowns, factory options etc 

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Posted 29 November 2017 - 11:44 AM


I run a website called GTR-Registry.com which specialises in obtaining the production data for various types of Nissans (mainly Skylines, GT-Rs, Stageas etc) and some other cars.

I have recently obtained all of the JDM S13 production data and from that worked out all of the build numbers, types, colour breakdowns of each type, the factory options the cars were fitted with and put them all on a webpage for you:


From there you can get to each of the individual VIN tables

S13: http://gtr-registry....a-vin-table.php
KS13: http://gtr-registry....a-vin-table.php
PS13: http://gtr-registry....a-vin-table.php
KPS13: http://gtr-registry....a-vin-table.php

Overall production numbers can be found at

All of this data is contained in easy to search databases which you can verify any of the numbers you wish. You can also use the search function to look up your VIN (generally recommend searching the last 6 digits) and see what factory options are fitted to your car. There are also filters so for example if you want to see how many K's Club in KG7 (14) there was built with a sunroof (4), you can easy find that information using the drop down filters and the search function. In the S13 VIN Table section you can also expand most entries and find the numbers in auto and manual too for each series.

Now on to some numbers:

302,761 JDM S13s built
4 colours (4J1, 4J2, 6G1, TK3) were only used once, and 5G9 twice.

S13: 165,932
KS13: 24,492
PS13: 100,128
KPS13: 12,209

Therefore there are 29,179 confirmed SR20DET S13 Silvias, with 25 records with no data.

There are 2 Q's Club prototypes with CA18DE engines.

There's a single AH3 K's SR20DET car.

3,068 Almighty were built.

The rarest option is not surprisingly the Kagoshima Specification (Volcanic Ash Countermeasure Options - Exterior Chrome Coating Moldings + Larger Washer Reservoir Size + Larger Wipers). There was only 14 S13 Silvias with this option.


Does anyone know what colours 4J1, 5G9 and 6G1 are?

There are 10x S13 with the model code of 90ZS13F and 40x PS13 with the model code of 91ZPS13F. Does anyone know what these are? I've listed them as J's Special. In the R32 range there are some 70Z cars which were police cars.

Lastly if anyone can let me know a more accurate name of the colour codes just let me know. Because of the way the database is coded I can't change it in the VIN table, but I will update the other tables.

Any other feedback is welcome.

Worldwide S15 data is available here: http://gtr-registry....ilvia-200sx.php

I also have a ton of other data on the website if you are interested in more Nissan Skyline/GT-R/Stagea/some other cars.



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