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Borgwarner Electric Superchargers 

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#1 wrmdma

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Posted 29 April 2017 - 02:55 PM

Anyone reckon something like this could be snuck into a Silvia engine bay to squeeze more street-friendly bottom end out of the SR or is it just another pipe dream? Guessing it would at least be more compact than a belt-driven option.


Comment from their facebook post:

"The 48V eBooster cannot be used with just a 12V battery, however we do intend to develop and release (in the future) a specific 12V version for low-voltage applications. The eBooster couldn’t be a suitable turbocharger replacement in most instances since it makes a fairly low pressure ratio and runs out of flow capacity midway through the engine speed range. However, there may be some niche applications where these constraints are OK. Generally speaking, the eBooster and the turbocharger are intended to work together in tandem with the eBooster taking care of low speed operation and transients and the turbocharger taking over the primary duty once the engine has achieved the target boost pressure, including higher engine speeds. Hope that helps answer your question."

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